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Taking Notes

At what point does the pain of being miserable become greater than the struggle for your freedom? 

You were born to be free! That means you can have the happy relationship with your wife, partner, friends, and kids without it being about sacrifice.


It means that the people who love you want you healthy, not high strung. It means there’s a difference between commitment, and penalty, and you make that choice every day. 


You choose misery. Can I show you how to choose freedom?  


It really is as easy as a choice. But you know and I know, choosing isn’t actually that easy. It starts with how you make decisions and what you choose to prioritize.  In order to take care of #2, whomever your #2 or 3 ... are, you have to take care of #1 and that's you.  Choose you.


The mantra that we will develop together in this partnership is:





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