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Countryside Road

This flagship program is a 6-week walk-through of the entire framework, supported with pointed reflections, affirmations and exercises to help you stop feeling miserable in your daily life, make the internal and external changes you need to live in the freedom and self-empowerment you deserve.  


Here is a little of what we cover in this Accelerator:


1. Help you name and break the internal patterns that keep you trapped in cycles of misery.


2. Help part the “veil of voices” influencing your decisions, so you can finally break free of unfair expectations, external limitations, and claim power over your own life.


3. Help you prepare a meaningful, self-honoring vision for your life and create a SMART plan to achieve the life of your dreams every day.


4. Give you permission, training, community, and support you need to make the evolution from misery to freedom NOW. 

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